New Technology Allows You to Measure Bat Speed Using Your Phone

Father and son playing baseballParents who wish to measure their child’s performance metrics in baseball may do so more accurately by using a high-tech product, which allows the measurement of pitch speed, ball rotation, and spin rate. The caveat, though, is its price. The computer chip-embedded baseball costs $100. Thus, it is likely better to invest in other speed radar guns for sale that could offer the same measurements. An advantage of using the high-tech baseball involves convenience as it can be used with your smartphone.

Modern Tool

Professional players could use the new tool to improve their performance. You could complement it with a speed radar gun to determine how well your pitch or bat speed has improved. The chip-enabled baseball looks just like a normal one, only with green stitches instead of the usual red. It requires two hours of charging each time it runs out of power. Take note that it does not measure baseball pitches that move less than 30 miles per hour, so it is better to use another tool for practicing your child’s soft pitches.

Role of Analytics

The world of baseball does not just revolve around measuring a player’s speed and velocity since these two form only part of the overall picture on analytics. Industry experts, professional clubs, and coaches have looked into better ways of processing information during games. In other cases, access to big data also let them determine the best solutions for preventing injuries among players. While new technology has granted baseball teams access to information, it remains a challenge to use it for a certain group’s advantage.

Despite the abundance of different speed-measuring devices for baseball, you should not just buy modern tools without considering if your child is already old enough. How do you measure your kid’s baseball performance? Consider buying radar guns that are as good as high-tech measuring devices.