Categories of Mobile Satellite Communication Services

Satellite Communication DiscOne of the most basic needs of your personal as well as professional interactions is communication. Nowhere has technology made such significant impact as in the field of communication. The biggest technology so far has been satellite communication. This transfers different signals from a transmitter to a receiver using satellites.

According to Singtel Satellite, a leading communications company, most people know of satellite communication from broadcasting and personal communication. These include mobile phones, computers, and TV and radio signals. Mobile satellite services, however, include more than these renowned categories of communication. Here are these less popular service categories.

Maritime Services

These comprise different earth station types including ship earth, communication earth, and mobile earth. Maritime services are primarily designed for military ships and shipyards. The services link communication and ship earth stations or two ships and communication stations in different ports. They provide safety and commercial communication.

Land Services

These have mobile earth stations on different trains and transportation systems. Land services comprise a personal location signal terminal that acts as the earth station and can be used for rural, remote, and military applications. Land services are primarily designed for the safety of different land transportation systems.

Aeronautical Services

These include an earth station on survival and onboard aircraft, helicopters, and airplanes. Other than air traffic control and safety, aeronautical services are used for private and business communication with land subscribers. They consist of three earth stations including ground, mobile, and aircraft.

The above mobile satellite communication systems, in addition to personal and broadcast, all comprise three segments. These include a space segment containing satellite payload equipment, a user segment that transmits signal, and a control segment for management of power supply and Internet connections. When choosing your service provider, base your choice on the effectiveness of technology used on these three segments. Regardless of your communication needs, you can be sure that mobile satellite services have a solution for it.