The True Value of Home Alarm Systems

Security alarmMost people install security alarm systems in their home. These could be monitored or unmonitored. In either case, there is a cost involved. If they are unmonitored, the cost is in the installation. If they are the monitored type, there is the added cost of a monthly fee. Some wonder if it actually works in keeping intruders away.
Here is a realistic look at Lafayette alarm systems and their true value to homeowners:

Scare intruders away

Intruders are looking for an easy target. They look for homes with open windows, unlocked doors, and dark porches. Most of them will definitely run away if they trigger an alarm when breaking in. The noise attracts attention. They will not know if the police are just minutes away and they will not wait to find out. An intruder may manage to get away with some of your stuff. However, an alarm will keep them from making off with more.

Lower your insurance premiums

Most insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance if you have an alarm system. The discount can be anywhere between 5% and 20%. This will depend on the insurer and the type of alarm system you have installed. In many cases, the discount will go a long way towards paying for your alarm system. This is true even if you pay a monthly fee for monitored systems.

Give you peace of mind

Knowing that you have that added layer of protection can help you sleep better at night. It can also give you a sense of security when you leave your home. This is especially true if your system offers other features, such as a fire alarm.

Most people do not appreciate the real value of alarm systems. It is important to choose an established firm to install your alarm systems to ensure the best results.