The Major Cause of Worker Fatalities in SG and How Employers Can Mitigate the Risks

a dead electricianEmployers in Singapore should pay more attention to vehicle safety among its workers, as 14 people died of road accidents in 2017.

The Ministry of National Development and Manpower said that vehicular incidents ranked as the top cause of worker fatalities. Slip, trip and fall accidents are likewise among the preventable causes of injuries and deaths at the workplace. Companies should maintain a safe working environment or risk facing penalties or stop-work orders from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

On-Site Incidents

Some may say that accidents on the road are beyond the control of employers since accidents could be the fault of third parties. However, half of 14 worker fatalities from car accidents happened at the job site. At least two people have already died of vehicular accidents between January and May, according to Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State for National Development and Manpower.

It may be a low number so far, but the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council is not taking any chances since it could still increase later this year. WSH has unveiled the Drive Safe, Work Safe campaign to focus on improving road safety, while two other initiatives will address hand injuries and falls.

Steep Penalties

Tough sanctions await Singaporean employers who will fail to comply with safety regulations, particularly in the construction industry. MOM has planned an additional 250 workplace safety checks until August.

The ministry so far issued up to $86,000 of penalties to almost 80 companies to ensure that work areas are free from obstructions or tripping hazards. Stop-work orders are a worse punishment and four companies already received them this year.

Employers may avoid paying fines or stop-work orders by seeking a complete solution for securing workplaces while improving productivity at the same time. What is your company’s development strategy for job safety?