Trying to Overcome a Lag in Your Career? Try These Coaching Tools

Choosing Career PathMost people get to a stage in life when all seems to be at a standstill, and for some, it may come at middle age while for others, at random times. At this point, one of the best approaches is to engage someone who offers career coaching services.

One industry where the impact of a career coach is quite profound is the sports industry. According to the U.K. Coaching Strategy, a sports coach enables athletes to achieve levels of performance that may not have been possible if left to their own endeavours. Using the tools recommended by coaches can yield good result although these tools are best used under professional guidance. Here are a few of them.

Personal SWOT analysis

While it may sound odd, many professionals who are familiar with doing outstanding SWOT analysis for products, services and companies may find it difficult to do the same for themselves. Yet, this is a very critical tool in career coaching. A grasp of personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be self-revelatory and key to subsequent success.

Future self-inquiries

Another vital tool is the visual creation of a future self. Simply put, the individual has to create a future version that meets practical projections. One way coaches accomplish this is by using an exercise like the Rocking Chair, wherein the individual imagines being 90 years old and reflects on life and career. The person is able to answer questions relating to accomplishments and fulfilment.

Values identification

Many people make career choices that are out of line with their values with resultant unhappiness. Values identification is critical to building a sound foundation for true and progressive growth in life and career.

As the demands of contemporary society weigh heavily on individuals, skewed choices are becoming rampant, and many are seeking a way to realign themselves with true purpose. Career coaches are filling this vital gap and helping people move forward.