Shopping for a Business Phone System? Here are Questions to Ask

a business phoneA business phone system is probably one of the most underrated features of an office communications system. While this may be due to the notion that the internet has replaced telephone communications, statistics do not bear this out.

According to investment bankers Luma Partners, even after connecting with a business via mobile search, some 52% of people surveyed still establish contact over the phone.

Some other research says 65% of people would prefer to establish a phone conversation with a company as opposed to just 24% who prefer to fill out an online form.

However, there are many intricacies involved in acquiring a business phone system. The buyer simply must know the questions to ask to avoid undesired costs and potential litigation down the road.

Here are just three of such questions.

Is the provider capable of growing with new technology?

Ability to adapt and grow with new technology is critical for any service provider operating in this space. Before signing any contract, a customer should request for the provider’s certifications. This will help to establish their ability not just to meet immediate needs but match or exceed future requirements.

Is the business phone system scalable?

If the customer is an ambitious company, it is reasonably foreseeable that internal growth will occur. As a result, current capacity will no longer suffice, thus requiring the installation of additional infrastructure. If the business phone system is not scalable to accommodate the future growth, it may not be a prudent purchase.

What emergency and disaster recovery protocols exist?

In the (undesirable) instance of a significant disruption to the service, does the provider have any established protocols for service continuity? In some cases, the provider might reroute the phone system to an alternative location until service is restored on site.

Such emergency management protocols are vital

Interestingly, statistics indicate that 80% of sales typically require five follow-up phone calls sequel to the first contact. So, for business phone systems here in Indianapolis, getting a proactive and professional service provider may be the missing link to meeting sales goals.