3 Questions to Ask Before Going Solar

Man installing solar panelsEveryone knows that using solar panels to harness the energy of the sun is one of the best ways to go green and save the planet. In 2016, the renewable energy capacity that was in place was enough to supply more than 23% of the world’s electricity. That statistic continues to grow as more countries find ways to bring solar energy to their people.

The experts from PowerCo Solar explain that switching to solar energy can help people start saving for their future. And yet, some countries still find it too expensive to switch. If you’re considering switching over to solar energy, here are three questions you should ask yourself to help make that choice.

How much does your electricity cost now?

Right now, your utility gets its electricity from a power plant. When you switch to solar energy, you’ll be installing your own power plant on your roof that will supply your own electricity. Electricity rates can vary depending on what part of the country you’re from. Those who have high electric bills are the ones who’ll benefit most from switching to solar, as the cost to produce and transfer energy to a power plant to your home is greatly reduced.

How much will it cost to switch over to solar energy?

This will depend on the company you choose to install your panels. With more than 9,000 solar companies in every U.S. state, you’ll definitely have several options. Take some time to research these options, listing down prices and equipment options along the way. Compare and consider these prices against your current electricity costs and always look at it in long-term.

How do you plan to finance this project?

As with any major home installation, having a financial plan should be the first thing on your list. Do you have extra cash set aside enough to pay for this switch? Have you taken into consideration your household’s income, and if taking on this project is feasible for you and your family’s finances? Will you lease or buy your solar panels?

Switching to solar energy definitely has its advantages and it’s only a matter of costs and savings to make your decision. If you start planning now, you can soon join the rest of the world in saving the earth through sustainable energy.