Choose from These 5 Outdoor Adventures for the Spring Break

Hikers with backpacks relaxing on top of a mountain and enjoying valley viewWith spring break just around the corner and everybody talking about the beach, it just gives you a picture of crowded shores and early tequila shots. This year, why not do something different?

Bring your portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker, a sturdy backpack, and your sense of adventure and try any of the following outdoor activities with your friends:

1. Skiing or Snowboarding

If you can’t shake the winter off just yet, get those skis on and get on the slopes. Yes, some locations in the U.S. offer a year-round skiing or snowboarding experience. If you don’t know how to ride, a quick lesson is a good way to get started. Learning something new is always a good thing.

2. Surfing

Instead of just lounging around on a beach blanket, get on a board and ride the waves. You’ll get the same tan and get some of your muscles working, too.

3. Mountain Biking

For a drier experience, mountain biking in the outdoors is always a fun activity. You can go to the Canyonlands and enjoy passing red walls. You can also take the road to Yellowstone Park to get a taste of wildlife and winding roads.

4. Diving

This is another activity that you can learn in 3-4 days during spring break. Becoming a certified diver will depend on how fast you progress. Once you’ve learned how to dive, you’ll enjoy that underwater world.

5. Hiking

Setting up tents and bonfires is still a good way to spend a vacation. Spend a few nights camping out on top of a mountain, and a few nights camping beside a lake or the sea. There’s no better way to recharge your spirit than get in touch with nature.

Any of these adventures will make for a good topic once you get back to school or work, so make the most of it. Have fun and be sure to strengthen that bond with your friends while you’re on this trip because that’s what’s most important.