Boost Your Mobile App’s UX, Consider the Type of Animation You Use

a mobile appA mobile app might be the best way to interact with your clients and reach your target audience. Many things will influence the success of your app, one which is user experience (UX).

An app full of words and no pictures will appear drab and in fact turn away many clients. It is hence essential to include animations in your mobile app development efforts in Austin to enhance UX. Here are some of the most efficient animations you can select.

1. Visual Feedback Animations

These animations show your users that the mobile app is responsive to its gestures. Changing colors, increasing button sizes and turning pictures are some of the typical visual feedback animations.

They enhance your users’ sense of direct manipulation and visualize the result of their action. Your app’s UX is hence enhanced since they feel it is responsive to their actions. This will keep users glued to the app.

2. Navigation Animations

Mobile apps typically have a complex structure, and it is easy to frustrate your users if you have no clear navigation.

Navigation animations help your users find their way around your app features and sections. They enhance the user experience by building meaningful transitions, helping users focus on your app’s key features in a user-friendly manner.

3. System Status Animations

These include animations that show your app users that there is something ongoing. These are essential to keep them from getting discouraged when downloading data or performing other actions on your app. System status animations include loading indicators, content updates and motion notifications.

Ensure the type of animation you select does not distract your app users from your intended message. The best way to ensure sophistication and functionality in mobile app animation is to work with an experienced app developer. They will guide you on the best type of animation to use with UX in mind.