What Do Spill Kits Contain?

Colored Liquid drippingDespite safety precautions being in place, hazardous materials may sometimes leak or spill. When this happens, it could contaminate land or water. This is where spill kits will come in handy. These items are designed to clean up hazardous materials so they do not cause contamination. They come in different sizes and materials.

A spill kit is required in public areas, such as near fuel pumps at gas stations or in hospitals. These kits are essential for saving lives and protecting the environment. Establishments should provide their staff with proper training on how to handle and use these kits. Learn what spill kits contain and how they work.


A chemical resistant container holds the contents of the kit. It can be either a bucket or a tub. You should have an extra 5-gallon container with a sealable lid on standby.

Absorbent Material

Some kits have socks or pillows. The former is placed around the perimeter of the spill to prevent its spread while the latter is placed on top of the hazardous material to absorb it.

Protective Equipment

Protective equipment may include goggles, gloves, shoe covers, disposable lab coats, aprons, or overalls.

Cleanup Tools and Materials

Cleanup materials contained in these kits may include plastic scoop, dustpan, or shovel. They also contain plastic broom or brush for solid hazardous materials. Thick and heavy-duty waste bags should also be available. Other cleanup tools contained in these kits include cardboard box, sealing tape, and hazardous waste labels.

Spill kits are important to ensure public safety and protect the environment against harmful substances. Some kits are designed for absorbing hazardous chemicals that remain on the surface of the water when they spill. These are specifically used for oil and fuel.