Understanding The Benefits of HASS and HALT Performance Testing

Customer Satisfaction on a Smart PhoneHave you ever received a brand new but defective product? It’s a frustrating experience for both the company who sold it and the client who would be calling back complaining about the item. There are many measures to ensure that the quality of products ready for shipping is flawless and one of these is performance testing.

Finding potential problems and defects in a system before it is deployed in operations protects the company’s reputation and shows clients the reliability of your products.

Highly Accelerated Stress Screen or HASS is a good example of performance testing. This test applies all possible stresses to ensure that product specifications can withstand regular wear and tear, as well as rigorous use.

The Benefits

According to a study conducted by Microsoft and the National Institute of Science and Technology, the damage that undetected defects can put on any operating system increases exponentially during the product’s lifetime. It can cost up to a hundred times more to fix a problem once a system or product is already in use than to detect it before deployment.

This is one of the main reasons performance testing, such as HASS and its partner, Highly Accelerated Life Test or HALT, are extremely important. Working with a HASS equipment manufacturing company is highly advisable.

The Process

HALT runs an item through its intended life cycle at a much-accelerated rate. This shows manufacturers typical problems that may arise from regular use or from old age. On the other hand, a HASS manufacturing company puts systems under extreme pressure, temperature, and conditions to determine and possibly stretch its operational limit. It can subject systems under extreme vibration while cycling through a wide range of pressure and temperature, exposing weak points and pushing a product past its destruction limit.

Performance testing is an essential part of manufacturing, no matter what industry you are in. With proper detection of integral flaws, you can solve problems even before they occur or before your products reach the hands of the consumers.