The Functions of a Hydraulics Separator’s Primary & Secondary Circuits

A simple hydraulic separatorYou can trace the seamless function of a piping system to its hydraulics separators – in particular, to these separators’ primary and secondary circuits. These separators are designed to split incoming flow without any head loss strategically. In turn, they allow the uninterrupted delivery and return of fluid to a piping system.

Using the Primary Circuit

In a hydraulic separator’s primary circuit, you will find a connection to the primary energy source. At this point, it delegates the deliverable energy to all the circuits. In this case, it divides the energy that should flow through the primary and secondary circuits. Rather than set the energy to flow via a single circuit, it separates these energies.

Moreover, the primary circuit needs to follow a set of mechanical rules and operating limits. This is for the water system’s uninterrupted function. One such limit is a 25°C to 30°C time difference in a temperature of 80°C to 110°C (district heating).

The Secondary Circuit’s Role

The secondary circuit does not follow the same mechanical rules and operating limits. It operates in a different manner. It bases orders on thermal energy distribution. Its role is to specify its own rules and limits – whenever you use the primary energy source. And of many, one of the possibilities is a 20°C time difference in a temperature of 55°C to 60°C (fan coil heating).

Calculations Involving Hydraulic Separators

When you calculate the energy between a hydraulic separator’s primary and secondary circuits, you need to know about thermal fluid flow rate. Thermal fluid flow rate refers to the energy power between the delivery and return. And often, the primary circuit has a higher time difference than the secondary circuit.

To sum it all up, a piping system might not receive the right amount of fluid without these hydraulic separators. These separators come in different sizes, as well as in fixed and variable speeds. Based on a particular energy source, you can choose the kind of separators to install between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit.