3 Ways Facebook Can Ruin Your Relationship With The Public

Facebook like button on tablet screen concept of branding in social media platformsIn recent years, Facebook has become one of the most powerful and indispensable public relations tools. But just as it is a powerful rainmaker, it can also ruin your brand’s reputation if you don’t know how to utilize it properly. Here are three ways Facebook can break your brand.

1. Facebook emotional meltdowns.

When a customer posts an unnecessary negative comment on a company’s Facebook page, it can be challenging for the social media community manager not to send back a curt response. After all, the person behind the brand’s official Facebook page is also human. He or she could also be having a bad day or suffering from an emotionally troubling time.

But despite these, your brand’s social media community manager should be able to keep the cool and respond appropriately no matter how awful and inappropriate the customers’ comments can be. When it comes to emotional meltdowns, it’s better for the customers to have them rather than your team. And even if you’re using an external PR platform, there are still humans behind the keyboard so be sure to keep your emotions in check.

2. Unanswered inquiries.

Social media has given customers the fastest and most direct route to talk to the brand representatives. No more waiting on the phone or sending emails that remain unanswered for days. If a customer sends a message on Facebook to the brand’s page, they can check if you have already seen the inquiry or not. And if your company fails to answer promptly, it can be bad for your customer satisfaction rates and experience. So make sure you answer social media inquiries as fast as you can.

3. Deleted negative comments from online users.

Even if it takes a single click to remove a negative post or comment on a company’s Facebook page, the internet makes sure it’s online forever. Even if it was online for just three minutes, hundreds of people could have seen it already and took screenshots. If you delete them, you’ll be bombarded with several inquiries and even snarky remarks on why you’ve deleted a customer feedback, regardless if it’s negative or positive. This is why it’s protocol for brands to keep customer reviews online, even if it’s not positive.

Make Facebook a Great Platform

Facebook is a powerful public relations tool. So make sure you use it to help your company strengthen public relations, customer experience, and satisfaction. If you think it’s better to let an outside firm handle your social media PR strategy, make that investment and hire the pros today.