Canada’s Transport Department Seeks Better Airline Security

Airline Safety ConceptThe Transport Ministry of Canada imposed new safety measures to improve airline security, a responsibility that also falls under the services of a fixed-base operator (FBO).

Transport Minister Marc Garneau declined to provide specific details on the new guidelines’ coverage, including the affected destinations or points of origin. However, Garneau said that the stricter rules do not apply to large electronic devices such as laptops.

He refused to provide further information, citing risks to national security if it becomes public.

Safe Flights

Despite the limited amount of details, federal sources claimed that the enhanced safety measures include more stringent passenger screenings and baggage inspections. In particular, the ministry gathered data whether or not to require those traveling from certain Middle Eastern countries to store all large electronic devices as checked baggage, excluding mobile phones.

Garneau said that Canada does not presently intend to follow the U.S. and the U.K.’s practice of prohibiting passengers from bringing large digital equipment into flights originating from countries with a predominantly Muslim population.

These two countries did not elaborate on the reasons behind banning laptops and other electronics on passenger cabins.

Airline Intelligence

One can speculate that Canada’s new safety rules include better training for professionals in the airline sector. Although it is the government’s duty to uphold security in air travel, the private sector also does its part to further that cause.

Many training solutions have become more advanced thanks to innovative technology. An FBO software program, for instance, helps aspiring individuals and even those already working in the industry to gain the required knowledge for their desired jobs in air transportation.

As the airline industry evolves in terms of services and equipment, so does the risks to safety of passengers. That’s why constantly updating security measures is important to prevent any untoward incidents and ensure that air travel remains one of the safest modes of transportation.