Why the Stock of SEO Expertise is at an All-Time High Coming to 2017

SEO Industry in 2017If the presidential elections proved anything, it’s that the Internet plays an irreplaceable role in society. In many ways, it’s a tool to spread information; for some, though, misinformation is the name of the game. But, put it on the back burner; it’s 2017 now. It’s time to look forward to an infinite number of changes that will change how and what the Internet means to its users.

SEO, the invisible hand that moves the Internet, will become bigger this coming year. More will have access to the Internet, certain demographics will utilize search engines more, more tasks will be online-centric; it never ends. On the other hand, more and more people will dismiss it.

But, the growth of the industry won’t stop, businesses will utilize the tools it provides, and more than ever, SEO expertise is at an all-time high. It’s not just about higher demand, though. The field will become more complex, and scalability will be a problem for a few SEO companies. It’s going to be hard to keep up, but with companies like SEO Reseller Program ready to lend a helping hand, it won’t be too intimidating keep up with trends and to sustain your company’s growth.

The Year of the Voice?

A lot of sectors are banking on voice search to go big, with televisions and mobile devices on the front line. Voice recognition has become a lot better ever since Siri made a splash, though it’s still far from being optimal. It’s already widely available to most, if not all, smartphone owners and for many users, it’s already a big boon to their daily tasks.

Optimizing for voice search will be one of the biggest challenges, and to those who got into the game early, the introduction of deep SEO expertise has been a great relief.

Mobile Saturation

2017 will probably be the biggest year for mobile, and most likely, the market will saturate. Every business has to have a presence before the next big movement in the mobile space. Nevertheless, responsiveness is still a priority. Whether a customer will go full mobile or as a part of a whole website suite, visitors must have a good experience or else.

Incoming Technical Standards

It’s not that it’s Google’s fault, but they never introduced a standardized metric along with PageRank. Everyone else developed their own interpretation that dripped down to smaller SEO companies, and now, standards are a bit of a mess.

Should the authorities decide to implement technical standards for certain tools, you can bet that veteran SEO companies will have a monopoly. Don’t lose out on this race.

There are so many upcoming technologies that it’s hard to predict what will make the most impact on search engine usage. Nonetheless, it’s important to be ready meet the new challenges with a strong support if you foresee a big year for your agency.