SEO: A Look Back to the Past

SEOAlmost everyone is familiar with Search Engine Optimization or SEO, thanks to the rising need to have one and be familiar with one. But while digital marketing agencies are popping like mushrooms offering their aids to help you with your SEO business dilemma, it is also vital to have an idea on how, when and where the concept of SEO started in order to fully grasp and understand the concept and the need for it.

History of SEO

Before Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, there was Archie in 1990. Archie was the first search engine. Archie searches downloadable file transfer protocol (FTP) by searching for the exact title text. Therefore, typing “Dr Strange” and “Doctor Strange” would not give you the same result, unlike today. In 1993, two search engines, Excite and World Wide Web Wandered were made. Yahoo! made its debut in 1995.

The year 1998 was the start of a breakthrough for search engines, thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page and Brin were the makers of Google. The birth of Google and MSN (now Bing) marked the era of change in search engine utilization as results can now be accessed by the amount of links in the website. Ranking results by the frequency of metadata, structure, and its algorithms were pioneered by Google. This feature made Google dominate the search engine field until present.

Present and the future of SEO

The continuous evolution of SEO is seen to grow more as years passed, thus, the growing importance of seeking help from SEO agencies like Omni Media for various businesses. The new millennium marked the increasing need for business to improve their digital marketing strategy due to the continuous evolution of the internet itself (i.e. social media, AdWord, smartphones, and user familiarity).

The evolution of SEO has grown rapidly in a span of almost 3 decades and would not slow down in the years to come.