Paperless Solutions: Reducing Waste in Schools

Paperless SolutionIn the first week of the first month of each year, manufacturers produce about 10 million tons of paper. Every second, about 200 tons of paper add to the pile. Not only does paper involve cutting down trees, the large amount of both used and unused paper also goes to landfills.

“Pulp and paper is the 3rd largest industrial polluter of air, water and soil,” The World Counts said. “When paper rots, it emits methane gas which is 25 times more toxic than CO2.”

Environmental Efforts

People don’t see the immediate effects of throwing one sheet of paper in the trash bin, but if we continue the habit, the environment and everyone living in it suffers.

Sue Harrison, the principal in St. Patrick’s School Kaponga, religiously oversees the students’ environmental waste reduction program called Paper4Trees. Harrison thinks that aside from the positive effects to the planet, the students also learned “about the environment, the importance of recycling and the processes.”

Digital Age

Even in flight school, the administration aims to reduce paper waste. My Flight Solutions makes the effort to reduce the paper waste generated in flight school sessions by providing a virtual system that eliminates waste and saves operating costs for both employers and employees.

Mumbai city schools also use Google Drive for homework to reduce their carbon footprint. All of their school-related tasks go online instead of the usual paper-pencil affair. This lowers their addition to paper waste and prevents students from plagiarizing their work with the use of the internet.

“The results will help us understand how to reduce our power consumption,” said Principal Tushar Desai.

We should teach the youth of this age about where all their trash goes. This way, they acquaint themselves with the consequences of unnecessary waste and make the world a better place for the succeeding generations.