Game Changer: Smart Homes can Alter the Future of SEO

Smart Homes can Alter the Future of SEOWhile there are various wireless gadgets that streamline processes and communication within a household, a single system that integrates all these individual devices still doesn’t exist. Major tech giant Google, however, introduced a game-changing feature: Google Home, which is set to not just alter household processes, but also the future of SEO.

Presenting: Google Home

Google Home takes digital assistant technology to new heights by allowing process execution through voice commands. It picks up and responds without the need for screens, manual buttons, and interfaces. If consumers wish to, say, find the “best cheesecake place in New York,” all they need to do is to ask the program “conversational queries”.

Google Home doesn’t have a standalone interface, nor does it offer the usual search results layout, however. It can only be used with other mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. Moreover, it does not offer an easy way to navigate through websites. All these have sparked talks that Google Home might change the way users engage online.

Reshaping Online Engagement

SEO resellers strive to create rich, keyword-optimized content to boost a website’s Google search rankings. Google Home is, therefore, an innovation that they are keeping an eye on as its application could drastically alter the execution of current SEO techniques.

Google Home is likely to engage the consumer in conversation to ask for further instructions. As consumers are no longer typing in individual keywords, there will be a rise in the value of long-tail keywords.

This new assistant technology, moreover, will provide consumers with one result at a time. You don’t need to scroll down to see the Top 10 results for your search, as you are likely to see or hear just one option.

This means that companies will need to work harder to take the first-position rankings. They may, however, choose to take the easier route: find a reliable SEO company to create a rock-solid plan to overcome the new online visibility roadblocks this new technology may set.