The 10 Commandments of Taking Selfies

Perfect Selfie in SingaporeAlmost everyone — yes, even those without a smartphone — knows how to take selfies. The thing is, not everyone is actually doing it right, and in this social media-driven world where people are always on the lookout for more followers, taking awesome selfies is a step in the right direction.

Here are 10 guidelines on how to take share and like-worthy selfies:

  1. Lighting is Everything — Seriously

Less than stellar lighting makes selfies hard to appreciate. Natural light is always best because it’s soft and, well, natural. Think light streaming from a window. Never stand with your back to the light source, unless you’re going for that mysterious silhouette shot.

  1. The Right Angle

Find the best angle that works for your face or body type. You don’t want to appear artificially pasty.

  1. Forego Your Phone’s Built-in Flash

Unless you’re using a separate flash, just don’t.

  1. Crop Till You Drop

While the background is important, don’t be too obsessed with things behind you. You could easily crop your photo and edit it later, which brings us to the next guideline…

  1. Edit, Edit, Edit

You could do this with your selfie camera phone’s built-in options, suggests a photographer in Singapore, or with a handy app.

  1. Choose a Filter — Any Filter

You could pick from any of the built-in filters in your smartphone or from social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat.

  1. Choose the Right Props

Props are crucial for setting the mood of your photo. They also keep your selfie from looking similar to each other.

  1. Use the Front Lens

People disagree with this all the time, but most confessed selfie addicts use the front lens of their camera phones simply because you see how your image will look like before you snap a picture. even encourages people to use a selfie guidebook or devices specifically designed for taking selfies.

  1. Practice, Practice and More Practice

As with all things in life, practice makes perfect, and this holds true for taking selfies.

  1. Lastly, Disregard these Guidelines!

Some of the best selfies are actually random and silly. When you get tired of following these guidelines, just snap a bunch of selfies, and if they look good to you, then by all means, post them.