Why You Need to Get an A+ on your CompTIA A+ Certification

Students Taking CompTIA A+ CertificationPassing the CompTIA A+ is a common first step in a highly qualified career in IT. But instead of just passing, you should aim to ace the test. This won’t just be great news to you at the end of the test. A top mark will provide more benefits that you might not even know.

This list is meant to inspire you to do so much more than just passing. If you pass the CompTIA test, it might be the only time you’ll ever take it. Making your mark will definitely make it more special.

Morale Boost

There will be nothing like acing your first certification exam. This can be a great pick-me-up at the beginning of your career and a source of pride. A mood booster like this goes a long way as you enter the next steps in your career. Entering the highly competitive workforce is daunting and an extra badge will help your confidence.

Along with the morale boost, it will also prove your mastery in the foundational concepts. A top mark on the CompTIA A+ test can lift your resume to the top of the pile.

A Great Finish

Studying for the exam is a lengthy process. CertBlaster says the broad range of topics require a thorough guide, challenging practice tests and many hours of preparation. Finishing on top will be a giant sigh of relief at the end of the day. While passing is enough, being a top finisher is just a giant cherry on top.

Impress the Employer

Your current and future employer would love to know you got an A+ on your Comptia A+ certification. With an A+ mark on the test, you have proof on paper that you are competent enough to start a professional career.

The certification also opens up your career choices. You can now be a technician or get involved in manufacturing. In general, employers are willing to pay 5-15% more to employees who are CompTIA A+ certified.

An A+ rating on your CompTIA+ certification exam is obviously not a requirement. However, if you’re willing to clock in the hours, the focus, and the effort required, earning a top mark should be easy.