Back-Up VS Recovery: Same Concept, Different Function

Data Back-UpComputers are needed in various aspects of human life, from studying to running a business. Regardless of your purpose for using a computer, having a security blanket for your files in important. There are various ways to do so and the most common ones are data back-up and disaster recovery. Contrary to popular belief, these two mechanisms are not the same.

Here is a closer look at the two methods: 

Data Backup

When travelling, it is also advisable to pack a little extra in your hand carry (i.e. clothes and toiletries) in case your check-in luggage goes missing. That is a backup plan. It serves to help you get through should something unfortunate happens. It is the same concept as having your files stored in Google Drive or your hard drive in case you accidentally hit delete. Generally, it is important and essential to back-up all of your data. However, backing-up is not enough as there are unforeseen realities such as human error, natural disasters and destiny alike, that can affect the status of your backup data (i.e. stolen hard drives or hacked accounts). This is where disaster recovery comes in. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery solutions are designed to not only backup a data, but also help retrieve them should unforeseen circumstances happen. It provides a layer of protection to your files, especially for businesses. Thieves can steal your hard drive or wipe your whole company’s internal memory out. But with disaster recovery software, it is possible to recover all your lost files in an hour. It is like having a duplicate of your lost luggage available, instead of just the things in your hand carry.

Backing up your files is the first step to making disaster recovery a possible feat. Always be ready because life can hit you with lemons in the most unexpected times.