Don’t Be the Slim Shady of the SEO Sphere

Visiting a Trustworthy WebsiteTrust is a valuable commodity — especially online.

With the internet’s growing community, today’s users are aware that some sites are too “shady” – meaning, they cannot be trusted. If users are unlucky enough, they might come across damaging malware. To protect themselves, they take time in determining whether a site is helpful or not.

This decision process, which takes a few seconds, is a make or break for the site; you either win or lose visitors.

For WebSuitable, an SEO agency in Ottawa, the online user’s perception of trust is important for any marketing strategy. Investing time and resources on beautifying the site is pointless if users don’t trust you. Make good use of your tools by optimizing the site according to your visitor’s expectations instead.

Names REALLY Matter

“What’s in a name?” asked the great poet Shakespeare. Initially, a name doesn’t sound much — it’s just a name. In the world of SEO, however, good domain names matter but are difficult to come by.

Flashy and in-your-face domain names are attractive but not for your visitors. Domain names like “” or “” make the brand seem like it tries too hard or it’s a scam. Either way, you will lose the trust of potential audiences.

The “About Us” Page — Do You Have It?

Some websites aren’t big fans of About Us pages. This part of the site might seem irrelevant, but if you want a crystal clear messaging, writing a good one is worth your time.

The About Us page serves as a brief introduction of your brand. It answers the 5Ws and the How, allowing potential customers to know the business better. Apart from establishing trust with visitors, it also serves as an important tool in your marketing strategy.

Boost Trust with Reviews and Testimonials

People feel better with products or services recommended by others. For the same reason, gathering reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers is a big help for your site. Their positive comments will encourage others to give your brand a try.

Trust is important, especially between you and the potential customer. Just like the creation of first impressions, you only have a few seconds to make it or break it.