First-Time Mac User? Here Are Some Tricks You Didn’t Know It Could Do

Switching to MacFor people who prefer a more user-friendly interface, Apple products hold more appeal. Though they are a significant investment, the durability of a Macbook and its no-nonsense software continue to attract and inspire loyal customers. In truth, a speaker at a tech conference recently said that Macs are actually much cheaper than Personal Computers (PCs) in the long run.

The difference between a PC and Mac often confuses people when they first make the switch. To help first-time users along, here are a few Mac hacks.

Mind the Cycles

One of the most important things about a Macbook is its battery life. Devices made after 2010 have a maximum cycle of 1000 full charges. After these 1000 cycles, some people replace their batteries or experience reduced battery life from a full charge.

A trick that first time Mac users should know is they ought to let the battery go as low as possible before plugging the device back in. If the device was 50% full and the user charged it to 100%, the Mac counts it as a whole cycle. Allowing the Mac’s energy to drain as much as possible will allow the user to maximise their device’s original battery.

When a Mac’s battery has reached its maximum cycle, a warning notifies the user that the battery needs attending. EssentiallyMac Ltd. says that though these devices are reliable, sometimes repair or the replacement of the batter is necessary, though still significantly less expensive than buying a new one.

Some Key Commands

Like PCs, Macs also have keyboard shortcuts. Its track pad has some unique features that first-time users may not be familiar with. Some of these need-to-know commands include:

  • Command (Cmd) + Spacebar will activate Spotlight, which can act as a quick tool for the device’s built in calculator or dictionary, and it can also find files quickly by their name.
  • Command + Control + Spacebar will make the Emoji keyboard appear.
  • Command + Alt Option + Control + 8 will invert the colours on the screen, making it easy to view for visually impaired users.
  • When a user places their thumb and three fingers on the track pad and with the three fingers, they lightly swipe to the right, they will be able to see their desktop instantly.
  • Clicking on a file and pressing Enter will allow the user to rename the file.

Though handling a Mac device can be confusing at the beginning, its user-friendly interface allows people to get accustomed to it quickly. Furthermore, with the proper use, a Mac last for a very long time, with very little upkeep to keep it running.