Cover Songs: Big Business in the Music Industry

Cover SongsCover songs are everywhere these days – you hear it on television, in films, on YouTube, and on the radio. There are hundreds of artists, both mainstream and independent, who focus on creating nothing but cover music. Even famous DJs, who people hire for events like parties and weddings, often play covers or mash-ups of original songs and rarely ever play their own material. But, even if they are not playing original music, they are still skilled musicians in their own right. 

Indeed, according to Garston Entertainments Ltd, an entertainment and events company providing DJs in London, discos would not be complete without a good DJ. A good DJ knows what songs his audience is looking for and knows when to play the right songs at the right time. Covers and mash-ups are still an art form in their own right. 

DJ Playing Your Songs

One of the reasons DJs and cover artists seem to be so popular these days is because people enjoy familiar music. It is one of the reasons why pop music seems so repetitive, and why the music of the past decade seems to use the exact same four chords over and over again. People like songs that sound familiar to them. They want songs that they can dance and sing to without effort.

It is the same reason people are drawn to the same genres – the similarity of the different songs is appealing, and they want to hear more of it. When it comes to covers, this is taken one step further – it is the exact same song that you already know and love, but rendered in a brand new light. 

Making the Old Seem Fresh

People have been covering songs ever since the dawn of the radio. Everyone wants to put their own spin on a famous song, and in some cases, it works. Some covers become more popular than any of their original counterparts.

Though producers are always looking for new songs that will earn them a pretty penny, many artists can survive simply on creating covers of songs. It is the favoured method to make something new and fresh out of something old.