Advice for the Tourist Headed for London

 Visiting LondonThe London Eye, afternoon tea, buildings and places that are so rich in history they can probably write a poem for you — what’s not to love about London? Wherever you go, however, it’s best to prepare properly so you don’t have to worry about anything but where to go next.

To get you started, here are some useful reminders.

Bring a camera

A proper camera is a great little tool that no real tourist should leave behind. It does not have to be an expensive professional DSLR; a digital point-and-shoot should be enough for the job. No point in failing to take pictures just because your trusty smartphone ran out of juice. Use a small camera as a backup or as your main snapshot buddy.

Buy a SIM card

Instead of paying expensive roaming fees while you are already there, see if you can buy a UK SIM card. Unless you already have an ‘unlocked’ phone, which means you got it SIM-free, you may have to buy one when you get there. If you buy a low or mid-range phone to save some money, it makes it twice as important to bring a camera, as cheaper phones tend to have low-end cameras too. Want advice on which budget phone to buy in the UK? Get a Moto G 4G, a Moto G 3rd gen or the other Motorola offerings that do not cost too much but come with better looks and functionality than most other affordable options.

Get an Oyster

An Oyster card comes with credit that you can use on the Tube, most National Rail services in London, the London Overground, MBNA Thames Clippers river bus and DLR. You can save as much as 50% on the cost of a paper Travelcard or paying with cash when you travel around London. Buy your Oyster card before leaving home and it will be delivered to you.

These are simple pieces of advice, but if you follow them you will give yourself a pat on the back once you get to your destination.