Qualities of a Reliable Laboratory Data Management System

Laboratory ExperimentScientific discoveries are made every day. Before these scientific discoveries get released for public consumption, they go through thorough testing. This testing or experimentation phase is one of the most critical parts of any scientific inquiry. Accurate data collection and documentation of empirical test results is of importance.

Data gathering during a series of tests in laboratories will require proper documentation. This is like your everyday science class experiment, but on a larger scale. As such, a large laboratory will need a reliable data management system. The company’s laboratory system should interpret accurate and reliable data.

Accuracy of Data

The system should record accurate data. Accuracy is an essential requirement in all laboratory testing and results documentation. The software should also allow for quality control of data to ensure quality and accuracy. Remember that from the data, assumptions and theories are formulated, which is later tested for truth and dependability.

Interpretation of the Data Gathered

LABWORKS explains that data management software usually collects laboratory data. Different laboratories have different requirements for this. As such, the software should adapt to every need of the laboratory tests. The software should allow for customization for each process required in the lab.

Logs and Report Errors

Laboratory data management software should be regularly checked and updated. While it’s being used, it should log and report errors to provide useful information to the software developer for correction and development. On the other hand, these error logs will also tell the laboratory technicians when they need to re-collect or re-analyze data.

These basic qualities define a reliable laboratory data management system. Though data management requires regular checking and development, it’s the responsibility of the personnel using the system to improve their knowledge of data collection and management.