Moving to a New Office? Remember These Suggestions

Office Relocation in East RutherfordMoving your office to a new location does have its challenges. But if you prepare early, you can reduce those challenges significantly. Here are some suggestions to help you get ready.

Set a Date

Of course, that’s a no-brainer. But don’t just set a date; set a date well in advance. This depends on how much moving you’ll be doing, how difficult it’s going to be, how far the new office is from your current one, etc. For an average office with computers, printers, filing cabinets, etc., it’s safe to assume you’ll need about a month or two.

Prepare the New Office

Some make the mistake of thinking they can set it all up in a day or two once they get there. That is a sure sign you’ll run into more problems than you anticipated. The new office might not be new at all, which means you have to be sure nothing needs repairs. Check the toilets if your office has its own. You might need to replace the seats. Check also if the water is running. Be sure all the power outlets are new and working.

You’ll be needing a reliable Internet connection. Call the phone company to install new telephone systems in NJ. Apart from the facilities, you may need to renew or transfer some subscriptions to the new address. CCTV surveillance system is also necessary, according to

Leave the Old Office Properly

Don’t just up and leave; make sure the old office is clean before the last person goes. Your landlord may charge you extra for damages or take it out of your deposit. As a sign of good faith, have any damaged parts repaired while there is time. This is important for your reputation as a business.

Forward Your Mail

Apart from subscriptions, don’t forget to forward your mail and bills. Your customers, clients, business partners, etc. should also know in advance. Use your website and other advertising avenues to tell them about a month in advance.

There may be new challenges whenever you move to a new office. But if you know how to prepare and do it well in advance, you’ll encounter fewer issues, if any at all.