Employee Engagement Strategies that Work on the Millenials

Employee Engagement StrategiesToday’s digital, fast-paced business landscape can’t just rely on employee motivation — your workers have to be engaged. They need to have a positive connection to their job or work, according to the Corporate Leadership Council.

But how do you capture the attention of one of the most distracted generations in history? How can you make their jobs more interesting than Instagram, Facebook and Twitter trends?

You use these platforms to capture their attention, of course! Here are some great ways to harness the power of social media to engage your workers and get the best performance out of them:

1. Clever, viral recruitment videos

You have to make it “cool” to be part of your company. A video production company in Minnesota said that you can do this with a recruitment video that your employees can share on their own Facebook or Twitter accounts to tell other people that they’re proud to work for you. Video production is not just about commercials and events, you know.

2. Digital signage

This versatile form of new media lets you raise productivity, assist your employees and at the same time offer them services and benefits. Instead of a boring bulletin board, you can post reminders, videos, announcements and even employee benefits and discounts on your digital screens. You can even offer ad space to other businesses that want to reach your employees. The possibilities are endless.

3. Work-from-home arrangements

Allow your employees a little more flexibility with how they want to deliver their outputs. While you don’t have to make this a regular thing, you can give them this option during emergencies or other circumstances. Employees appreciate that you are more flexible when it comes to how they can deliver their work.

Engaged employees are more productive and more likely to innovate and become positive spokespersons for your company. All it takes to engage them is to speak their language.