Rolling Out those Newsletters: Using Digital Document Management Systems for Businesses

Document Management SystemsEven in an increasingly digital world, paper will always be a popular medium, whether it is for advertising, bank statements or billing. Companies will always need to print documents and send out traditional post as part of their business operations.

One of the drawbacks of paper documents is that there is a lot of downtime involved. Papers need to be printed and sorted, and in the case of letters, folded, inserted and mailed to the recipient. It becomes especially difficult if there are a lot of recipients involved, as in the case of newsletters and invoices.

Neopost, a brand that provides document management systems in Singapore, provides a better solution: automation. According to them, automated document management not only reduces downtime, but also makes it easier to keep track of large volumes of paper documents.

Customers Still Prefer Paper

Customers still prefer paper when it comes to invoices, billing statements and other important documents.

Some businesses are pushing for digital, paperless correspondence, but customers are pushing back. While emails and digital correspondence are preferred for answering queries and receiving purchase confirmations, paper bills are still preferred for more important documents.

After all, with the sheer volume of emails a regular consumer has to go through every day, it can be easy to overlook an important bill or bank statement. To keep up with consumer demands, businesses must keep printing those newsletters. Fortunately, the process is less cumbersome with the use of document management software and advanced printing and sorting machines.

Automating the Document Management Process

Document management systems today are sophisticated pieces of equipment. They connect to your business computers and have a range of functions.

Along with printing the documents, the system can sort them according to your preferences, whether by type, number of pages or by recipient. The software keeps track of whether the document has been printed and mailed, and whether the recipient has received his or her letter.

The document managing machine can also fold papers and insert them into envelopes. This decreases downtime, allowing you work on something more productive than folding and sealing individual envelopes.

It is an efficient way to roll out newsletters and invoices to waiting customers. While going digital has its uses, traditional paper postage is not going defunct soon.