Industry Compliance and Information Using SFP-10G-LR Datasheet

Transceiver ModuleNeed a range of Ethernet connectivity options for your data center and service provider transport applications? The SFP-10G-LR datasheet can help you with that. This has the smallest form factor — about 10G — providing the greatest density for every chassis. It also has the hot-swap feature for the input and the output device, making it into a versatile SFP+ module. This means that there is no need to power it on or off when installing and replacing the device.

Product Overview and Specifications

This transceiver module boasts DOM capability. With its digital optical monitoring, it allows for stronger and deeper diagnostic capabilities. It can also support up to 26 meters of standard Fiber Distributed Data Interface-grade multimode fiber, which means that it has the power to transfer data over specific distances directly. It can also branch out and create up to 400-meter links.

The SFP-10G-LR datasheet lists down the different platform support with its Cisco switches and routers. It can support different routers and switches from the Unified Computing System switches to 7600 ASR router. With its compatibility with most Cisco devices, it is easy to add the transceiver module to your arsenal for masterful networking needs.

Industry Use and Benefits

Datasheets list and use modules in different industries, such as those requiring high data transfers. Data centers, service providers, servers, and most networking businesses need these modules for safe and reliable service. By adapting these faster transceiver module models, it is easier to increase the variety of 10-gigabit Ethernet connectivity options. The process of knowing which one you need would be easier with all compatible platforms. To say the least, upgrading to the SFP-10G-LR is an easy and profitable move for any business that relies on the quickest connectivity and largest data transfers.

Still not convinced with what you’re planning to buy? Refer to the datasheet of the transceiver model for more information regarding its specifications and compatibility with other platforms.