Despite a Cloudy Reputation, Solar Power Makes Sense in England

Solar PowerAs part of the whole picture, it would be easy for England to integrate the best of Europe. But, the simple geographical and climate difference between the mainland and the British Isles make it difficult. Not to mention the attitude of society towards certain trends; the British have always been sceptical about Euro things.

Nonetheless, there is no much barrier when it comes to renewable energy. Climate change and energy costs being international issues, the emergence of solar power in England bypasses the things that normally make imported ideas start slow in Britain. Renewable energy is without a doubt the Europeans’ territory, but England is not so far behind.

Up and Running

Locating the right solar contractor is not as challenging now as it has been in recent times. says is it not hard for solar contractors to adopt modern marketing methods to make their services visible to interested parties.

The government is not blind to this development, either. Just like the tax benefits programme in the United States, the government of the United Kingdom has their own feed-in tariffs. This is where people who generate their own electricity can apply and get payments. Those new to the programme qualify for the new rules, which are in detail here.

Noticeable Growth

By the end of 2014, there was almost 5 GW (gigawatts) of energy that came from solar energy. That was double of the last recorded output in 2013. It is easy to expect that the sector only grew bigger in 2015, and much like the Americans, solar power should have a big year this 2016.

Residential and commercial properties are snapping up their own photovoltaic (PV) systems because it simply is effective in driving down energy costs. With the feed-in tariffs, people basically earn money by having their own source of renewable energy. More than that, solar contractors and other third-party entities provide financing that eliminates the need for a big upfront capital.

Solar power is now viable in England. The modern climate, although deteriorating, gave way to solar panels to be efficient. Now, it is time to reverse the damage on the environment and on bank accounts through solar energy.