The 4 Lighting Aspects That Make Video Productions Great

Video Productions in MinnesotaClients expect nothing short of a fantastic footage when hiring a professional video production company. Many people fail to understand, however, that one element of a good video quality depends on the lighting. Before you go on a heated debate with the professional video producer you hired, remember that the quality of your videos may depend on adjusting the following lighting aspects:


The brightness of the video production set could be low or high key. High key lighting ensures that everything is brightly lit, and it’s suitable for upbeat and happy scenes. Low key lighting creates a dark background and is often used to create shadows. It’s suitable for projects that want videos to create suspense and drama.


Though many overlook light color, it influences the feel and look of a scene. Kirk Douglas Video Productions and other professional video producers say that it’s possible to change light color, like using yellow gels that create a warm scene or give a morning sunrise scene. Using orange or red hints give an evening look, while tinted blue light creates a cold or winter feeling.

If you can’t do anything about the lighting conditions of your set—due to weather conditions, you can simply edit them using a good video editor.


Light quality refers to how soft or hard the lighting looks. To make the light hard, video producers have to use a dark, deep shadow, and sharp shadow edge. Hard light draws attention to crease and wrinkles, and effectively pulls out different angles for facial features. This light can make subjects look intimidating, wicked, weathered, or strong. Soft lighting has a faint shadow and gradual, broad shadow edge. It conceals face lines and wrinkles, and makes people look more friendly and approachable.


Light should appear where it’s needed, but it should not cover everything in the scene. The lighting designer has to shape the light into pools and shafts to make sure it highlights particular parts and shadow others. Light shaping requires the designer to use light blocking tools, such as gobos, cookies, snoots, and barndoors.

Lighting setups can really determine the quality of the video production Minnesota you are going to have. Buying a new video camera may not be as important as controlling whatever is happening in front of the lens in a professional way.