Make Your Employees Happy: How Your Work Atmosphere Affects Your Workers

Work AtmosphereYour employees’ comfort and safety add to their level of productivity. Workers who do not feel secure or comfortable on the job typically leave for better employment, even if they’re not getting a significant increase in compensation or benefits.

To keep your employees happy, you have to understand what can make them stay and give their best work. Here are some suggestions for doing that:

A comfortable work area

A comfortable area to do their job helps your people focus on what they are doing and less on things like their seats, workstations, and ventilation. If they’re working in sweatshop-like conditions, don’t expect them to last very long. They can take their talents somewhere else. If your company has fast attrition and turnover, you have to look into the reasons behind that. Comfort level is a good indication.

A safe place

How can an employee focus on what they’re doing if they’re worried about their safety at the same time? For example, in a wood or metalworking company, you can’t expect your workers to do their job without personal protective equipment (PPE) or quality down draft tables that help them avoid smoke, dust, or fires. Invest in equipment that helps your employees work faster, smarter, and safer. You’ll avoid not only turnovers but also accidents that could expose you to legal problems and production stoppage.

Fair treatment

Treat your people like garbage, and they’ll probably leave or give you products worthy of a landfill. How you treat them will reflect on the way they act even when you’re not watching. Unhealthy relationships with workers are also difficult for you. It affects you if you know that your people dislike you and are only staying on because they need the job. If that’s your reasoning for not changing how you treat them, you’re probably not fit to be a leader.

How you make your employees feel affects every decision they make regarding their work. Treat them with respect and with an eye for their comfort and safety, and they’ll respect you more for it.