Why Is Nitrogen, Both Beneficial and Dangerous to Farming?

Nitrogen in FarmingNitrogen is one of the most important nutrients needed for the proper development of crops, second only to water. It is also a major nutrient that farmers and agricultural experts have control over. Nitrogen comes in various chemical forms and goes through natural and agricultural ecosystems in a cycle. This chemical’s different forms determine its availability to crops or whether it escapes and is no longer available.

HeartlandTankServices.com cites that the mismanagement of nitrogen may lead to disastrous results, economic losses and environmental damage, or a combination of all.

The Importance of Nitrogen to Plants

Sustainable farming combined with nutrients such as nitrogen keeps the soil fertile to grow all sorts of crops. This chemical is important to plants because it is a major component of chlorophyll; a plant uses this compound to create sugars from carbon dioxide and water.

Nitrogen is also a major component of amino acids, the foundation of proteins. Without the latter, crops wither and die. Some proteins are structural parts in plant cells and others are enzymes that lead to biochemical reactions that sustain a plant’s life.

Most plants get nitrogen from the soil throughout its life, and the demand for this chemical increases as it grows. Crops need this to grow to full maturity, just in time for harvest season. Plants that lack nitrogen typically have older leaves that quickly turn yellow because of the destruction or underdevelopment of chloroplasts and chlorophyll. The optimal use of this chemical may pave the way for a healthier farm or orchard and better harvests.

Excessive or inadequate nitrogen damages plants and stunts their growth; lack of the chemical may results in the reduced production of structural units and nucleic acids needed for a plant to reach maturity. Too much may cause growth that is too rapid for a plant to handle. Farmers can provide their crops with sufficient nitrogen by using fertilizers that contain this chemical.

The Danger of Nitrogen

Nitrogen provides plants and crops with many benefits and is one of its building blocks for life. However, it is a combustible and flammable chemical. When you mix it with other substances or expose it to certain conditions, it may explode, causing farm damage and crop loss.

The proper storage of fertilizer that contains nitrogen and other potentially combustible and flammable chemicals is a must to save your farm and the surroundings from potential biohazards. Aboveground or underground storage tanks are some of the options for improved farm protection.