Four Ways To Know If Your CCTV Has Been Tampered

CCTV  in USANowadays, almost every business or homeowner has a CCTV installed in his or her property. The video surveillance’s main purpose is to monitor and record activities in a property, providing extra protection to businesses and homes. However, burglars today are catching up with the CCTV technology and they do everything to defeat the security system.

Here are four ways to know if there is a case of tampering in your CCTV:

  1. Disconnected or Obscured Camera

A CCTV cannot record if the power or video cables are disconnected. A camera that was moved, masked or spray-painted cannot record a criminal activity clearly. If you find your cable disconnected or your CCTV camera slightly moved, most likely a criminal or potential intruder did it.

  1. Adjusted Date and Time

A discrepancy in the date and time of the DVR and the camera is a sign that there has been a cover-up or deletion of a certain activity.

  1. Disconnected Alarms

The Central Monitoring Station (CMS) receives alarms from the security system. When the CMS is not receiving the expected amount of alarms, there is a possibility someone disconnected the alarm sensor of the CCTV system.

  1. Disarmed System

Comtex Inc. notes that some CCTV systems use a timer or key switch to arm or disarm the alarms. When the system has been in a disarmed state for a long period, it is possible that a criminal activity occurred in your property and the criminals tampered with the arm/disarm switch to cover up their crime.

A CCTV security system is an extra protection for your property. However, it is not enough that you just install it and let it record. It is vital that you are vigilant in checking the status of your security system from time to time.