4 Ideas for Your SEO Campaign in 2016

SEO Company in Australia One of the characteristics of a good SEO strategy is flexibility. Google makes hundreds of algorithm changes every year, ranging from minor tweaks to significant overhauls. Given how quickly things can change within this industry, you must be ready to adapt, and discard methods that no longer work.

Thankfully, part of Google’s algorithm philosophy is to make SEO more intuitive. The search engine wants to encourage user experience improvement, rather than keeping track of a long list of complex factors and exploits. But what exactly should you be doing right now?

Assuming that you already have a solid foundation to work with, these tips from Digitise My Business should help guide your 2016 strategy in the right direction.

1. Put mobile first – It’s been said over and over again, but mobile optimisation is no longer optional. No matter how large or small your website, you will miss out on a huge amount of potential traffic and sales by ignoring your mobile customer base. Even B2B websites cannot afford to ignore this rapidly growing market.

2. Integrate social media – Social signals are becoming increasingly important in the search landscape. While getting to people share your content and interact with your brand are still primarily ways to generate inbound traffic, signs point to these eventually playing a larger role in rankings.

3. Make keywords more intuitive – As Google’s algorithm grows smarter, it’s become far less crucial to repeatedly include exact keywords in your website’s copy and meta tags. The search engine is good at determining context and semantics now. Thus, it’s easier than ever to write compelling copy that isn’t marred by awkward keyword placement.

4. Format data properly – You’ve probably noticed the rapidly increasing number of ‘instant answers’ for search queries. As you might imagine, whichever website can provide this answer will likely see a major boost in traffic. The key is to structure your data, preferably in a schema markup, so that it’s easier for Google to detect.

Start your campaign off correctly next year, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.