Gray Hat SEO: It’s Just a Matter of Mixture

SEO Company in MinnesotaThese days, most entrepreneurs do online marketing. They build websites where they can promote their products and services. Do you plan to establish a business website too? You may seek assistance from online marketing experts in Minneapolis. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important techniques you can learn from them. You will also get to know SEO’s different hats: the white, black, and gray. Here’s an information about the gray hat SEO.

SEO and its Hats

SEO is the process of getting traffic from search results on search engines. If you want your website to rank high in Google or Bing, you need to be very good in doing this technique. As for the hats, each color determines the purity of the tactic used. White Hat encompasses 100% pure tactics. When you follow the terms and conditions of search engines, you’re doing White Hat SEO. On the contrary, Black Hat refers to methods that search engines forbid. Lastly, Gray Hat is a combination of pure tactics and some strategies that don’t follow the rules.

Gray Hat SEO Tactics

To dig a little deeper, Gray Hat SEO refers to technically legal but unethical methods. Because they are considered unethical, they could possibly fall under Black Hat one day. Below are some examples of Gray Hat tactics:

  • News fabrication

Apparently, interesting news can attract numerous potential visitors. Publishing one on your website is just fine. It becomes gray when the truth is you just fabricated it.

  • Using comments to get links

Like publishing news, posting comments on websites is okay; just make sure your comments are helpful and relevant. But, it becomes gray if you always make an excuse to link back to your website.

  • Using social media buttons yourself

You’ll definitely attract more traffic when a lot of readers share your content to their social media accounts. But if it’s just you who are doing it using bogus accounts, then this tactic becomes gray.

Professionals from, a Minneapolis search engine optimization company, suggest getting the help of an expert who has experienced and skills in SEO, and who utilizes White Hat methods.

Some experts say that SEO hats are not about good or bad tactics, so it’s just fine to pick any color. But some strictly advise everyone to just stick to the White Hat. As a soon-to-be website owner, it’s your call. Just make sure to analyze things carefully before making a choice.