Repair Hacks for iPhone after Water Damages

iPhoneWater damage is not covered by your iPhone’s warranty. You cannot protect your phone from a water spill all the time, but you can control the damage through these simple steps before, during and after repair.

Before Repair

Turn off your phone quickly. Water can cause a short circuit, which may lead to damage beyond repair. Remove the SIM and the battery (if accessible). Gently shake the phone to remove excess water. Dry the screen using a piece of cloth.

Put the phone in a sack of rice and leave it there for 48 hours. Use a warm airing cupboard or silica gel packets as substitutes for rice.

During Repair

Take the phone to a repair shop if submerged in salt water. Experts can determine the degree of damage and the type of repair your phone needs. Technicians check the phone first to know if they can repair it or not.

The shop will check the phone for signs of corrosion. They will also deep clean it. Even if the water has already evaporated with the help of rice, corrosive agents like salt and minerals remain on the phone’s board.

Replace the battery. The battery loses its full charging capacity once submerged in water. It may not work at all if the phone was in the water for more than a minute.

After falling into the water, your phone’s screen may show signs of damage as well. For iPhone screen repair, Hamilton technicians suggest original replacement parts to ensure your device will still work well.

After Repair

Use your backup data stored in your iTunes to restore your phone. An alternative is to use an iPhone data recovery app to get back deleted files.

You may not be able to protect your iPhone from all kinds of damage, but you can still have a functional device after. Repairs start by drying your device thoroughly and end with recovering all your files. After that, continue caring for your phone by keeping it safe.