High-quality Prints All Day, Every Day with Brother Multi-Function Centres

Brother Multi-Function CentresBrother Colour Inkjet Multi-Function Centres or MFCs are the most ideal solution for your home or office printing requirements. The MFC range enables you to print, copy, scan and fax in colour from a single compact and user-friendly machine.

Brother Colour Inkjet MFCs’ Advance Capillary Tube Deliver System

Unlike the other all-in-one printing solutions out there, Brother’s MFCs offer proprietary technology that does not place ink cartridges above the machine’s printhead. Rather, the ink cartridges are positioned separately, with the ink being distributed through separate tubes directed to the printhead. When combined in the proper configuration and quantity, this will ensure dependable protection and operation of the Brother MFC and durable printhead. Because of this, you get these amazing benefits:

  • Increased Performance and Reliability – Since the printhead does not harbour additional weight, it will be subjected to less vibration and movement, consequently reducing the overall wear and tear of components.
  • Quieter Operation – There is less vibration and mechanical movement in the MFC range because of the lighter printhead. This results in quieter and smoother print operation.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – You save not only money, but the environment as well since the lighter printhead operates faster and more efficiently.
  • Compact Yet Powerful Design – The MFC range features a sleeker, more compact design without sacrificing print quality and operation.

How You Save Money on Separate Ink Cartridges

With separate ink cartridges, if only one colour runs out, you’ll only have to replace that specific ink cartridge instead of having to deal with the full set of colours. While the initial purchase cost of any Brother machine and its consumables is crucial, you must also consider its cost-effectiveness in the long run. Let’s say you purchased an all-in-one machine at a fraction of the price of a Brother MFC. If you add up all your expenses from the initial purchase cost, cost of consumables, maintenance costs and ongoing operating costs, it will actually be more expensive than purchasing a Brother MFC, along with required Brother consumables and ongoing operating costs, in the first place.