Brother from the Same Mother: Why Brother Printers Should Only Use Genuine Brother Inks

Genuine Brother InksYour Brother printer deserves nothing more than genuine Brother ink cartridges to ensure perfect printing results all the time. When you use ink cartridges not manufactured by Brother, it may affect the quality of the printouts, the performance of your printer and the reliability of the machine.

Why You Should Only Use Genuine Brother Ink Cartridges for Your Brother Printer

The components of Brother’s 4-cartridge ink colour system, when used in conjunction with the proper configuration and quantity will ensure consistent operation, as well as the ultimate protection of your printer, most specifically, its print head. Other benefits of using genuine Brother Inks include the following:

• Accurate ink mixture all the time

During printing, your Brother printer will automatically calculate the most ideal ink mixture for producing vibrant colours. This estimation is dependent on Brother’s proprietary ink formulation and generates lifelike images every single time due to accurate colour matching.

• Consistent delivery and distribution of ink

The consistency of genuine Brother Inks is developed to properly and effortlessly flow through crucial points in the print head on demand. This ensures even ink distribution on your printouts, resulting in more stunning images.

• Prevents clogging and smearing.

Authentic Brother Inks are capable of penetrating and drying in the most optimal time — a ccording to the predetermined drying specification times of Brother Inks — to prevent smearing on printouts. Likewise, original Brother Inks have dyes, water and penetrates that are carefully chosen to comply with the strict specifications of your Brother printer, ensuring reliable and fuss-free print head operation.

Authenticating Your Brother Inks

All printer supplies by Brother are developed as a complete printing system solution to deliver the highest printing quality. To protect your Brother purchases, the company has updated the security label found on all Brother toner and ink cartridges for a simpler and more straightforward authentication process. This updated label will effectively allow you to easily authenticate your purchases.

You can choose among three options for authenticating your product. You can download and utilise a data matrix app, use the identification number found on the security label and go to the authentication site by Brother or you can authenticate your Brother Ink cartridges by matching the security label’s hologram properties.