3 Ways to Reduce Downtime in Construction Projects

construction projectEvery construction company aims to finish a project in the best and the fastest way possible. Circumstances, however, often prevent this from happening. As a result, workers stay on the job site for longer hours and the company expends more resources for the project.

Nevertheless, not all delaying circumstances are out of your control; case in point: downtime. When you’re managing a construction project, you can fast-track its progress through the reduction of downtime. You can do that through the following ways:

Equipment Maintenance

Before the start of every work day, check the equipment you use for defects and issues. The last thing you need is your crane or your truck giving out on you while the operation is ongoing. A simple equipment failure will easily stall your progress for hours or days, so be sure that you have someone who looks after what you use on the site. Apart from the typical elements you have to monitor, you also need to observe regular wear and tear and prevent it from cutting down your uptime.

Workers ’Training

According to Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc., your workers need to know more than just how to operate heavy machinery. Apart from all the technical knowledge, they should also be aware of safety measures and emergency protocols while on-site. An emergency in the form of an injury and accident can easily put your project to a pause, but it gets worse from there when the people within the premises have no idea what to do.

You can address this through proper staff training concerning worker safety. Knowledge on proper rigging, hoisting, and on-site safety go a long way to prevent workplace accidents and reducing national fatal injury statistics for good.

Task Rotation

Construction projects follow a timeline, and there are cases when a task only becomes available after a particular team has finished with their duties. Without proper planning regarding this, you can easily have the folks in charge of the cement working hard while the electrical and plumbing teams have nothing to do. You have to rotate the tasks and plan it out according to your timeline, so there wouldn’t be downtime and you will have a smoother project flow.

Maximizing your project’s uptime – and, by extension, reducing downtime – is all a matter of strategy. Employ these techniques to keep your workers safe and productive throughout the project.