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Utilities Sector: Different Strategies to Solve Minimal Decline in Demand

Since 2010, Australian households have been showing a high demand in the utilities sector. The consumption continued to rise until 2010. Starting that year, there has been a notable instability in the market. According to reports, the minimal decrease in electricity consumption occurs in the five eastern states, the ACT and in Western Australia. Experts […]

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Boeing Looks to Boost Production Up to Over 40%

Aviation giant Boeing is planning to increase the production of its much-anticipated 737 MAX—its next generation model with greater fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor—from 42 to 60 airplanes per month. Initially, it announced to ramp up production to 47 by 2017, but analysts expect the company to boost it up to five dozen or […]

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3D Printed Tools Integral in Opel’s Manufacturing

3D printing is one of the hottest trends in the industry for its experimental applications, but for German auto company Opel, the use of this technology is more of an essential practice than an option. The automaker’s manufacturing process involves 40 custom 3D printed tools to complete every vehicle’s assembly. A team of six specialists […]

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Researchers Discover Boron’s Role in Corn Growth

Scientists at the University of Missouri made an invaluable discovery that could possibly remedy the dilemma of corn and soybean producers across the eastern half of the United States. After using an array of techniques, the researchers from different disciplines found out boron is responsible for the development of plant stem cells, or meristems, which […]

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